The Integrated Man


‘The Integrated Man’ is a program for you as man to step into your own and healthy manhood and masculinity. A program where you are going to integrate what you know, want and desire.
A program where you are going to reconnect with your masculine and feminine, activate your masculine and feminine, and balance it out. So that you as a man can integrated it in your body and manifest it in the world around you.

The program is a 3 month online journey with me as a facilitator and other men who are on the same journey. It will be a combined program with best of both worlds. Individual sessions varied with group meetings. So there is special attention and space for your own and unique path. And there is a group full of brotherhood to support each other.

 I believe this combination is the most powerful to take the next step on your journey as a man towards your own and authentic masculinity.

In the world today there are false and fake ideas about what manhood is. There is a false and damaged vision on masculinity. Yes, masculinity damaged the world a lot in history. We were violent, greedy, hunger for power and walked around with closed hearts. That traumatised the world till today. Today there is a negative association with expressing masculine energy. Also if it is healthy and with a open heart.

The result is that it is a supressed energy. Maybe you recognize this, that you are walking around with supressed emotions, a supressed sexual energy and a supressed primitive energy. And the problem is that the men who are supposed to learn us about living with our masculinity are walking around with the same supressed energy. So nowadays men are kind of lost in the world.

Then the inner feminine. Yes. Men has also a feminine side This was and is still a big taboo to express. Years and years people told us not to cry, show emotions or be vurneble. This is something new for us as a men to find, connect with, embrace and express. And a specially in a healthy and masculine way!

Then there is a big group of men who knows everything, but don’t find the way to live it. This is also something I experienced myself in the past. Knowing how to be, knowing what is normal. But not doing, acting and being. For this group, the program is also perfect!

If you continue this way of staying in the old ‘systems’ and paradigms of manhood, you don’t live fully and you may not get what you want out of life.

For us as men’s, it is time to move towards a healthy expression of our masculinity. By doing this you heal the world and create a healthy image of masculinity. By doing this you improve yourself and improve your own live. Finally you can get out of live what you want. Finally you can express the parts of you what you really want! In your personal life, in your business, in the bedroom and in your relationships. Wherever you want men.

With me as a facilitator and coach, your fellow brothers and your own wanting and willing to transform. This cocktail is enough.

Why me?:
I decided three years ago that I lived in a lie, I did not live my potential and I supressed who I was for the fully 100%. I was already on the path of personal and mental development. But something deep was not alive. I realized that if I wanted to change this, I had to make important decisions, change things and search in myself. In this 3 years journey I learned a lot about myself, spirituality, masculinity and the journey we are all making and life. It brought me on awesome places, in the world and in myself. It brought me by plant-medicine ceremonies, breath and body work, men circles, men retreats and it brought me my own purpose. In all the places I founded answers. Today a part of this journey is to pass on the answers to other men, like you.

In this 3 month’s I will take you through three important phases. Phases I went through myself, and I am going through still. Every month represent a phase.

The big lines:
The first month you will work on letting go. Letting go of what? Letting go of the past. Letting go of false projections of yourself. Projections formed in your life By your parents, school, environment and experiences. You will gain more insight and release in this.

The second month you will work on embodiment. Embodiment of what? Embodiment of yourself. What do you like to do? What do you want to say? How do you want to live? What makes you happy? Through letting go in month one, we made space for all this things. You are going to re-align yourself and your behaviour. Your thought, words and actions.

The third month you will work on manifestation and direction. Manifestation of what? Yourself! We are going to make the translation of what you found in yourself into the world around you.

In every phase we are going through shared themes as a group, and you are going through your own individual themes with me.

There will be meetings on a weekly basic. One week one on one sessions, the other week a group meeting. And so on and so on.  
With that there is a Facebook group with each other to keep the energy going between the meetings.
You will find the rest of the details after sign up and on the road.

How would you live be different after this?
* You will know who you are
* You will be clear of what you want
* You will know your direction again
* You will be aligned with your path
* You are living more from integrity
* You will think differently
* You will live what you know more
* You will speak your truth more
* You will have contact with your boundaries
* You will be more present
* Your relationship improved
* Your work/business will be improved
* You will have more energy
* You feel yourself as a man
* You have more consciousness about masculine/feminine energy
* You are living a better life then before for yourself

Yes, I am sure. How do I know this? I am in a same program right now. Three months individual and group combined. And all this things are happening to me right now. This new program what I bring out for men is a direct result of my own growth. Did I invite International people before? No. Did I had a program special for men before? No. I was too scared and insecure about it. Working on my unique and authentic masculinity, activated it and take the right actions brought me in new places. And here we are. And I am sure this is also working this way for you!

This is going to be life changing, awesome and a lot of fun!

Starting the week of 7 September

Through this link you can arrange a call with me: